October 16, 2007

Title explained

The term Antagonist Pleiotropy is misused in this blog. It represents a genetic situation used in G. C. Williams theory of aging. I first learned about it while reading Bryan Appleyard's book "How to live forever or die trying" (pretty interesting by the way). I'm using it with the single purpose of an alert. An alert that whatever you do/have today that is currently beneficial might not be in the future, in fact it can potentially ruin you completely.
Nevertheless now that the title's obscurity has been properly explained I can start :0) This blog is about software development. Yep another another one. I should have called it YATB - Yet Another Tech Blog. I promise to try and make interesting though.
I'll blog about Agile, lean processes, Java and anything that helps relieving the pain of creating decent software.

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